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If you’re looking for an unforgettable trip of a lifetime, with adventure, excitement and culture, then only a few vacation destinations will leave you wanting more. Discover one of our favorite destinations, the beautiful and fascinating islands of Panama.

When you’re looking for a vacation that will help you to relax, unwind and totally unplug from the grid, then Panama is the ideal destination for a luxury yacht charter. With stunning coastlines, over 1500 islands, ancient Mayan ruins, and an unforgettable culture, you’ll uncover the magic of Panama in no time.

Once you step away from the mainland, you’ll experience a different side of Panama. Away from the bustling capital city, you will find an amazing array of islands both inhabited and uninhabited. With an abundance of history, culture and remarkable natural beauty, this makes Panama one of the best vacation destinations to visit in the world.

Nature lovers will enjoy treks into rainforests and island hopping to find an amazing array of wildlife in its natural, unspoiled habitat. Adventure-seekers will love the many on land and at sea experiences, such as hiking, visiting a local chocolate plantation and scuba diving that bring this fascinating region to life.

One of our favorite things about Panama is the fantastic diving available. An underwater wonderland is waiting for you. Snorkel and scuba dive amongst colorful reefs and mangroves, or dive in the cays and swim with enormous angel fish and rays.

As we cruise around the islands, you’ll discover that there is more to Panama than its canal. With a rich history, you can explore the ancient ruins of Mayan Civilization, and experience your very own ‘Lost World’ adventure.

Relax, unwind and completely unplug from the grid in one of our favorite vacation destinations. Uncover the amazing culture, delve into the history of this fascinating country, and enjoy the wonders this Central American gem has to offer.

Alex and Marcelle were awesome. The food was the best we have had on any Tradewinds cruise. I love the itinerary and the fact that we saw very few other travels thus the snorkel sites were pretty pristine. Great trip!!
Donna Miller

says Donna whilst sailing Bocas del Toro

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