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Bienvenue chez nous and welcome to a new, exciting and different TradeWinds experience, one that we know you’ll love!

We’re proud to bring you Château Alizés at le Chaufourg. Your chance to explore, dream and discover beautiful landscapes, fabulous vineyards, gastronomic delights and fun activities, all from the comfort of our stunning 17th-century Château. Experience the very best of southwest France and the wonderful region of Périgord from our nine-room Château, originally the family home of the world-renowned fashion photographer, Georges Dambier.

The captivating French countryside provides the ideal backdrop to get away from it all and truly experience, and embrace ‘la vie Française’. Let us introduce you to an exclusive, luxury, all-inclusive experience like no other... discover the Dordogne with TradeWinds between April and October.


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Chateau Alizes is a must for members. The property is beautiful! A true French countryside experience. Ashley & Emma were amazing hosts. The food and service were superb. A trip of a lifetime!

says Mitchel

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